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Manage Courses

Becoming and instructor at Siyot Courses is an exciting experience and our dedicated team are here to support your dream. As an instructor at Siyot Courses you will be able to share your expertise with students across the world.  is constantly been updated with new feature to help instructors deliver your course with ease. For a stress free journey, create and start selling online today.

Learn Management

Selling your courses online with your own online shop has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Setup your store in just 5 minutes after account activation.

web conferencing

Engage Your Online Students

Looking for a professional solution for teaching remote students online?  Siyot Courses provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen.  Students are engaged through sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

Learn online or offline, anywhere, anytime

Submit or grade assignments, post in forums, play SCORM packages, receive notifications and much more – on and offline – using our mobile apps

Course features

Multi-Tier Courses

Break-up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes and categories

Advanced Quizzing

Eight question types,custom messages, question banks single answer, multiple choice, sorting, matching, fill-in-the-blanks and lots more. Display custom message based on quiz performance.

Lesson Timer

Set a minimum amount of time that a must be spent per lesson

Drip-Feed Content

Deliver all your lessons all at once, choose to drip-feed(schedule) them over a specified amount of time resulting in a guided learning experience.

Certificates & Badges

Award custom certificates and points for course performance. Certificates can be customised and support dynamic data generation e.g. first name etc

Dynamic Forums

Public or private course specific forums for your students. This will enable instructors to encourage conversation among learners.

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